hide. The full size version holds full size motocross Bikes. u/jacknspyrate. The easiest way to load a dirt bike into the back of a truck. Truck camper bump stop With a universal fit to any truck camper, the camper bumper kit is 8"x2.5"x2" and allows for truck camper installation. report. I can see the way those animal yards were laid out, and how my father would just back up his truck to one of them, load up 25 to 50 pigs, and be off to Brighton Stockyards in a matter of minutes. Just walk along side. A ramp seems much easier (especially on a 4wd truck which is a few inches taller). 2. The models can unload anything up to 3000 lbs—it’ll save you time, stress, and back strain! The easiest way to load a dirt bike into the back of a truck. I’d say that using a strapless tie down system like the Risk Racing Lock-N-Load Pro is most-likely a “better” way to do it… although a bit more expensive. Now of course, most sportbikes are street legal therefore transporting those rides on truck or trailer occurs far less often than dirt bikes and ATVs. Crossposted by. The purchased versions were costly (… All you have to do is let the bike do its thing. The diagonal approach. I have loaded everything from dirt bikes to Sportsters all the way up to the big cheese, the Harley-Davidson CVO Ultra, using the dual runner method. It takes an enormous amount of pressure off of the fork seals during transit, and it … NOTE #2: In reality, even this is probably only the second-best way to tie down your dirt bike in a pickup truck. The bike is loaded and you are unloaded in one single fluid motion. 251. No more blown fork seals! The easiest way to load a dirt bike into the back of a truck. There's one thing dirt bike, ATV and sportbike owners all have in common - the need to transport your ride using a truck or trailer. It should be rated for the weight of your bike and should be sufficiently long to accommodate the bike’s wheelbase and ground clearance. The easiest way to load a dirt bike into the back of a truck 10,015 points • 287 comments • submitted 9 months ago by DrAculaaaa to r/funny all 4 comments u/EMGZ. You’ll want the lower end of each camper bump stop to come into contact with the top edge of the truck bed, allowing it to act as a spacer between the truck camper itself and the truck. Close. u/DrAculaaaa. 117. Page 1 of 2 - how to load dirt bike in truck? By MikeeyMikeMike, January 16, 2012 in Dirt Bike Pictures & Video. Im pretty close to purchasing a F-350 PSD 4X4 with a 12.5" lift kit and 40" tires My current truck im loading bikes into is a 2X4 F-350. Moved my 04 RT across the country that way. The steps below will guide your efforts of transporting a dirt bike with a truck: Loading the Bike. But if I can get my GSXR 750 up there by myself a dirt bike is a cake walk. share. Transport a Dirt Bike with Truck. The first way to do is putting a dirt bike ramp on the tailgate of your truck, and placing a solid bike stand along side of the ramp about a foot or two away from the tailgate. Streets are curved down toward the sides to allow for drainage, and most driveways are designed the same way. The Junior holds 85cc motocross bikes. Transporting your dirt bike. 53. Share this post. This thread is archived. The easiest way to load a dirt bike into the back of a truck. Hauling a motorcycle in a shorter bed can prove to be a challenge for some, if not impossible at first, although thankfully it’s not that bad as long as you do, a thing or two at least, the right way. Close. HMF while I load a dirtbike onto a pickup truck (x-post from /r/funny. 27.8k. 10 months ago. In case you don’t like to have the bike’s back wheel resting on an open tailgate, you can try loading it on an angle. 10.0k points. Use the clutch to your advantage, feather it using minimal throttle, and walk the damn beast up like it weighed no more than a sack of groceries. 286 comments. Simple Way to Secure Bikes in a Truck Bed: I like to go trail riding with my son. Now that you’ve decided on which trailer to use you can go ahead and start the process of loading your dirt bike onto your trailer. The “Lock-N-Load” Moto Transport System securely holds your motocross bike in your truck or trailer without the use of tie-down straps, floor anchors or wheel chocks. The easiest way to get your dirt bike into the back of a truck without a ramp is to find a hill/driveway/grocery store loading dock that you can back your truck up to … This is by far the easiest way to turn your pickup bed into a dump bed. Make a list and group similar sized boxes together. No matter what your load, this gadget will unload it. - posted in General Discussion: Just wondering what would be the cheapest and easiest way to load a dirt bike into the back of my F150 4x4? 2 1 12. comments. For those of you that can’t, or plain just don’t want to get help, there are ways to load a dirt bike by yourself. I’ve seen folks ride their bikes up the ramp. 7. Living in suburbia, we needed a way to easily transport bikes in my truck. ... friend climb into the bed and pull the bike the rest of the way in. Recommended Posts. The easiest way to load a dirt bike into the back of a truck. Someone on here must have a good idea? Link to post Share on other sites. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. That's the only way I load my bike, time and time again. Share this post. Pickup trucks are ideal for hauling large or heavy items, however it can sometimes be a real struggle to load heavy or awkwardly shaped items into the truck bed. The longer the ramp, the easier it is to load the dirt bike due to the incline being more gradual. Awesome way to Load/Unload a Dirtbike without a Ramp! ... lower the side stand once the bike is loaded. The easiest way to load a dirt bike into the back of a truck. Just unbolt the bolts in the floor, put your eye bolts in their spots, and strap things down. 87% Upvoted. A little preparation goes a long way when it comes to packing a moving truck. 9 times out of 10, I find the easiest way to do this is by pulling your rear wheels right in to the low point where the edge of the street meets the edge of the driveway. On trucks with metal floors, I've got a few eye bolts that work fine. Archived. Trucks didn't used to be as tall as they are now. Brilliant! ... • Posted by 3 years ago. If your truck is higher than factory settings, you'll definitely need a longer ramp. I looked at various racks and hitches sold online as well as a few DIY projects on Instructables. The “Lock-N-Load” Moto Transport System securely holds your motocross bike in your truck or trailer without the use of tie-down straps, floor anchors or wheel chocks. Where you fall on that spectrum depends largely on your skill and the way you approach your work. A loading ramp is necessary to load the dirt bike. It’s even possible to drop and damage your motorcycle if you’re trying to load it into a pickup truck or van without a ramp. Without one, it can be difficult and unsafe to properly load your bike. The cool thing about this method is you get your tailgate shut and I think it’s also a really secure way to load I mean to have the bikes in the truck. The tires hitting an obstruction under the door of the truck and come bouncing into the trailer alone. It's best not to use a lifted truck because it gives you a steeper grade to push your bike up. 4. ... but never loaded like that with only one person. 10 months ago. Edited January 16, 2012 by woods-rider. Posted by 3 years ago. The Easiest Way to Transport your Bike. They’re foldable for easy storage. Crossposted by. In fact, I’ve started to do I’ve started to load my bikes like this even when I only have one bike in the truck just along the side of the bed the reason why I think it’s kind of cool doing it that way is that then. Many truck owner simply lay flat plywood on the truck bed on which they load … alxhtx ... Learning how to load a bike on back of your truck … The easiest way to load a dirt bike into the back of a truck. By Mark “Obie” Olberding | Submitted On March 5, 2018 Loading your dirt bike safely is one of the key element to assuring no additional wear and tear or even damage may be discovered the next time you take your dirt bike out on the trails for a ride. save. Motorcycle ramps are the easiest way to load a bike onto a pickup truck or into a van. lol. The Easiest Way to Transport your Bike. 2.4k. Archived. While the simplest way to load heavy objects into the bed of a truck is to have several people pitch in, not everyone has a large number of strong, healthy people just hanging around every time they need help. It's always a fine way to start the stupidity by taking off your coat and tossing it into the wet grass for no reason whatsoever. The Lock-N-Load Strapless Motocross Transport System securely holds your dirt bike in your truck, trailer, van & toy hauler without the use of tie-down straps or wheel chocks. Loading your dirt bike alone. Safest Way for One Person to Load A Dirt Bike. The easiest way to load a dirt bike into the back of a truck via /r/funny Source: I’ve also seen fellas simply lift a small dirtbike into a truck, sans ramp. 10 months ago. Secure the ramp using a tie-down connected to it and the truck. Close. Archived. r/funny • Posted by. It takes an enormous amount of pressure off of the fork seals during transit, and it … I can load them myself with no help. With my current Duramax, I can't even reach over the bedside and touch the floor of the bed Archived. Moving day is hectic, so a day or two before the big day, do a walk-through of your house and note the order in which items should be loaded. Dirt bike loading ramps are generally made of aluminum, which provides both strength and a relatively light weight when it comes time to lift and then store them. This will make moving day go a lot smoother and faster. If you get a truck big enough, turn the bike around inside and ride down the ramp. M This is a great way to use your truck bed full payload capacity yet able to unload without using inserts. Length generally ranges from 7.5’ to 10’. If all else fails and you're really adept on a dirt bike, you can always load it the fast but not so easy way … Some people prefer to load alone, and others need five friends to get the job done. ... so it doesn't sit far off the ground. Archived. Plus, it keeps your truck’s original design. Two people working together to load the dirt bike will make the process easier but it is possible to load your dirt bike alone. A man loading tires in the trailer of a truck leaving them just roll. With my old Datsun truck, I could load my 400 Husky in the back without climbing in the back. It has adjustable brackets, letting you install it on your truck bed without any welding, cutting, or drilling. how to load a dirtbike on a pickup truck. Link to post